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375X Series DC Electronic Load 366X Series Switching DC Power Supply  
ARRAY 375X Series electronic load is a new-generation high-performance ARRAY 366X is a series of 500W programmable switching-mode DC  
programmable electronic load researched by ARRAY ELECTRONIC CO., power supplies with RS-232 and GPIB(optional) interfaces. The good  
LTD, which provides powerful test function and friendly human-machine durablity,simple operation,low noise,excellent output accuracy as well  
interface. The electronic load is equipped with RS232, USB and GPIB as the adjustment from 0V make this series of reliable power supplies  
interface and supports SCPI standard commands for programmable the right choice for many applications.It provides flexible and stable DC  
instrumentationand LabView development platform, which is widely used power for various design and test environments  
in the scientific research and production field of aerospace, shipbuilding,
auto electronics,solar cell and fuel cell.    
372X Series DC Electronic Load Single Output DC Power Supply  
3720A,3721A,3722A and 3723A Electronic Loads provide an adaptable, and
Array 364X series Power Supply is a high performance single-output    
functional.asset wherever power sources need to be tested. These units are programmable DC power source. It is easy to control from the front    
designed to provide high reliability, great performance, and ease of operation
panel, or via the serial port by the computer. Up to 10 settings can be    
with multiple functionality. 4 basic functions: CC, CV, CR, and CP.8 basic test
stored for later recall. The low noise, excellent regulation,and built-in
modes: CCL, CCH, CV, CRL, CRM, CRH, CPV, CPC.High-speed sequence,
voltmeter/ammeter make this reliable power supply well suited for the
high-speed transient, short-circuit, battery discharge and other auxiliary
exact needs of design, education, test and manufacture.
3715A DC Electronic Load 367X Series Switching DC Power Supply
ARRAY 3715A programmable electronic load, as a new generation product of ARRAY 367X is a series of 800W programmable switching-mode
ARRAY Electronic Co., Ltd., is designed with high performance. It provides DC power supplies with RS-232, USB (optional) and GPIB (optional)
you powerful test function, user-friendly HMI, as well as RS232 interface to interfaces. The good durability, simple operation, low noise, excellent
support SCPI and Labview. 3715A can be widely used in scientific research output accuracy as well as the adjustment from 0V make this series
and production fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding,automotive, of reliable power supplies the right choice for many applications.    
electronics, solar cell, and fuel cell etc. It provides flexible and stable DC power for various design and test    
3710A/3711A DC Electronic Load Triple Output DC Power Supply    
Array 371X series electronic load is a single input programmable DC
This triple output DC power supply 3631A provides the stable and    
electronic load. It provides a convenient way to test batteries and DC reliable DC power that the R&D engineer needs. It has two tracking 25V    
power supplies. It offers constant current mode, constant resistance outputs, which are together referenced to a floating common, and an    
mode and constant power mode.The backlight LCD, numerical keypad isolated 6 volt output. It is easy to control from the front panel, or with    
and rotary knob make it much easier to use. Up to 10 steps program can industry standard SCPI commands via the RS232, USB or GPIB. The    
be stored. Controlled by PC is also available.This instrument is suitable for low noise, excellent regulation make this reliable power supply well    
design, test and manufacture of many kinds of products.
suited for your design and test requirements.    
6 1/2 digit Multimeter Universal Counter
The Array M3500A is a high performance 6 1/2-digit DMM well designed
The ARRAY U6200A universal counter, whose production procedures conform to
with the latest measuring techniques. Both of the sampling rate and data
ISO 9001, has frequency resolution of 12 digits per second (Figure-1), 40 ps time
transfer rate can achieve 2000 readings per second at 4 1/2 digit setting
interval resolution and a complete set of test and analysis features. The standard
and it has a high accuracy of 0.0015% of readings at DC Voltage.It's built
U6200A’s CH3 comes with the range from 375 MHz to 6GHz and the standard
in USB interface and can be used for temperature measurements.
CH1 & 2 from 1 mHz to 400 MHz.
Arbitrary Waveform Generator  
The 3400A is the high performance 50MHz Waveform Generator. It can create
stable,precise,clean and low distortion sine waves by using DDS(Direct  
DigitalSynthesis) Technology. With fast rise and fall times up to 25MHz for  
square waves and 200KHz for linear ramp waves.The 3400A also can  
generate variable-edge-time pulses up to 10MHz and generate complex  
custom waveforms.