Location: ¡ÏInstrument¡Ï3631A

This triple output DC power supply provides the stable and reliable DC power that the R&D engineer needs. It has two
tracking 25V outputs, which are together referenced to a floating common, and an isolated 6 volt output. It is easy to
control from the front panel, or with industry standard SCPI commands via the RS232, USB or GPIB. The low noise,
excellent regulation make this reliable power supply well suited for your design and test requirements.
¡¡Triple output
¡¡Tracking mode of ¡À25V
¡¡Low ripple and noise
¡¡Excellent load and line regulation
¡¡Easy-to-use numerical keyboard and rotary knob
¡¡High definition of VFD( vacuum-fluorescent display )
¡¡USB,RS-232and GPIB£¨Optional£©interface
¡¡SCPI(Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments)compatibility
¡¡Maximum output limitation
¡¡Operating parameters storage
¡¡Portable,ruggedized case with non-skid feet
Output Rating
Voltage Output 0~+6V 0~+25V 0~-25V
Current Output 0~5A 0~1A 0~1A
Ripple and Noise from20 Hz to 20 MHz
Voltage <0.35mVrms/2mVp-p <0.35mVrms/2mVp-p <0.35mVrms/2mVp-p
Current <2mArms <500uArms <500uArms
Common mode current <1.5uArms
Load Regulation
Voltage <0.01%+2mV
Current <0.01%+250uV
Line Regulation
Voltage <0.01%+2mV
Current <0.01%+250uV
Programming Accuracy
Voltage 0.1%+5mV 0.05%+20mV 0.05%+20mV
Current 0.2%+10mA 0.15%+4mA 0.15%+4mA
Readback Accuracy
Voltage 0.1%+5mV 0.05%+10mV 0.05%+10mV
Current 0.2%+10mA 0.15%+4mA 0.15%+4mA
Programming Resolution
Voltage 0.5mV 1mV 1mV
Current 0.5mA 0.1mA 0.1mA
Readback Resolution
Voltage 0.5mV 1mV 1mV
Current 0.5mA 0.1mA 0.1mA
Meter Resolution
Voltage 1mV 10mV 10mV
Current 1mA 1mA 1mA
AC Input Ratings 110V/220V AC¡À10%,47Hz~63Hz£¬ 350VAMAX
Operating Temperature 0~55¡æ, 0~80%RH
Weight 8.2Kg
Dimensions 212.6mmW X 132.6mmH X 360mmD(8.4 X 5.2 X 14.2 in)