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SR intelligent controller is a new type of programmable controller with FBD (Function Block Diagram) programming, which is simpler and easier to learn than the conventional PLC (ladder diagram and instruction).

In the design concept of SR series products, SR-WRT is used as a programming panel to program SR series hosts. On the other hand, SR-HMI is used as a powerful simple Human-Machine Interface to display the status of SR series, and SR-HMI itself is programmable. If you want to program SR by PC, free programming software ^Super CAD ̄ with powerful functions is provided.

SR can be used to combine voice modules of SR-VPA, SR-VPD and remote control modules of SR-RCA, SR-RCD; it can perform telephone remote controlling, wireless controlling, voice prompting and auto-dialing functions. Being used with expansion module (SR-20ERA, SR-20ERD, SR-20ETD, SR-20EGD), the input/output points can be expanded to satisfy your requirements. Mostly one SR machine can be connected with five extension modules at most, (it is better you connect with the 3 extension modules) and there are 122 I/O points (74 inputs and 48 outputs) at most.

SR intelligent controller is widely used in automatic control field of industry, agriculture, and automatic house control, which really comes into every part of people's daily life.