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SH-300 Text Panel is a new product launched independently by ARRAY ELECTRONIC CO. It is mainly used to be connected
with PLC or other intelligent controllers with COM port communication function as a small Human-Machine Interface.It can
monitor, set, modify the data of the register and the status of the relay inside the PLC by configuring text,indicator,function
key, bar graphs and trend graphics elements etc. SH-300 has a Monochrome(yellow-green) 4.3"STN-LCD with multi-language
display.The project development software of SH300 is built on WINDOWS platform which is with friendly operation interface and
easy to learn.
The project development software SH300 is built on WINDOWS platform, being able to edit several monitoring
screens and support multi-format graph.
The communication protocols will be downloaded into SH-300 Text panel together with the project files, so it
is unnecessary to edit the communication program in PLC separately
It can be connected with many PLCs for example Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Panasonic, Delta etc.
With password protecting function
With alarm list function, real-time displaying the alarm information line by line
Having 14 keys, which can be defined as function keys, being easily operated, replacing some mechanical
keys on the control cabinet, with the number key function
Supporting several kinds of communication ports: RS232/RS422/RS485
STN-LCD display with backlight, displaying 24 characters¡Á4 rows
With multi-language displaying function, with user-defined system prompting information, being convenient for
  different demands
The front panel being up to IP65 Protection Level, waterproof, and greaseproof
¡ô Hardware specification
Display screen
4.3"STN - LCD Display screen
192 x 64 pixels
LCM life
With 25¡À2¡æ£¬65¡À10% RH over 50000 hours
Adjustable resistor
Long life yellow-green LED
110KB Flash ROM
Communication Port
PC RS232& PLC RS485/422 & PLC RS232
Function button
14 freely configurable keys
Allowable power disruption
Frame Dimension
Display Dimension

Installation hole Dimension

Cooling Method
Natural air cooling
¡ô Electric specification
Rated voltage
Withstanding voltage test
500V AC 1minute(between signal and GND)
Insulation resistance
Over 10M ohm @ DC500V£¨between signal and GND£©
¡ô Ambient Requirement
Operation ambient temperature
Operation ambient humidity
20~90%£¨no condensation£©
Storage temperature
Anti-jamming test
Voltage 1500Vp-p,pulse period 1us£¬continuing 1s
Vibration resistance
10~25Hz(2G for 30 min, in any of X,Y,Z axis)
Degree of protection
IP65£¨the front panel£©
SH300 offers a wide-open system information menu. User can redefine the system information menu freely .The
menu can be edited with other language, meanwhile ,you can change the position of the text according to your
demand. User-defined window shows as follows:
SH300 offers wide-open multi-language menu. which makes it possible that you can define the system information menu
roundly. you can edit the system information menu with many country languages for example Chinese¡¢English¡¢Japanese¡¢
Korean¡¢French ¡¢German ¡¢Spanish etc.The SH300 LangEditor is a very characteristic language editor,which supports user
to edit the menu with many country languages. The LangEditor software window shows as foiiows: