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TS-4848 Introduction
Provides basic mode (BSC) and advanced mode (ADV) for selection;

Provides two independent output circuits;20 banks (groups) of

operation times can be set for each circuit;
Provides cyclic operation (CYCLIC) and pulse operation (PULSE);

The operation time for each group (bank) can be set with random

operation date;

Temporary holiday settings function makes output ON/OFF conveniently

on holidays;
Provides summer time (DST) adjustment;

Allows manual operation to control output ON/OFF directly;

Provides Override and automatic return function
Provides key protection function;
The data information can be reserved for more than five years in case
of power failure;
Communication model supports modbus ASCII/RTU
Provide PC software for setting conveniently
TS-4848 Model
TS-4848 Specifications
Item TS-4848SRAC TS-4848CRAC-D TS-4848SRDC TS-4848CRDC-D
supply voltage 100~240VAC(50/60HZ) 24VDC
voltage range 85%~110% rated supply voltage 85%~120% rated supply voltage
control outputs capacity SPDT contact output: 5A at 250VAC, resistive load (cosψ=1Transistor output: NPN, max.100mA at 30VDCResidual voltage: Max.1.5VDC (about 1V)
Storage temperature -25 ~ 65<Cwith no icing or condensation
Ambient operating temperature -10 ~ 55<Cwith no icing or condensation
Ambient operatin humidity 25% ~ 85%
Case color Black
Power consumption(max) 2.4W 0.96W
Weight about 152g about 144g
TS-4848 Order Information
Output method Input power Communitation interface Model
Flush mounting Relay output(1a*2) 100-240VAC 50/60Hz None TS-4848SRAC
24VDC None TS-4848SRDC
DIN-rail mounting Relay output(1a*2) 100-240VAC 50/60Hz RS-232/485/422 TS-4848CRAC-D
24VDC RS-232/485/422 TS-4848CRDC-D
TS-4848 Appearance and Dimensions